MEPROZET-DREZDENKO, which is a member of the HOLDING-ZREMB Gorzów S.A. group, was established in the 1950s. At first it was known as Państwowy Ośrodek Maszynowy (POM), and then it became a state company MEPROZET, specializing in the manufacture of agricultural elements. Over the years, the company gained experience in the steel processing and manufacturing of various types of small steel structures including, in particular, housing equipment and flower carts.

Changes came in 1994 when the HOLDING-ZREMB Gorzów S.A. group was established, and today it includes the branch firms of MEPROZET-DREZDENKO, METPOL-BARLINEK, REMBUD-ZREMB and OCYNKOWNIA-DREZDENKO.

MEPROZET-DREZDENKO, currently, has approximately 130 employees and is a leading producer of ladders, staircases, handrails, and platforms used mainly in self-propelled and gantry cranes.

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